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Ambrose & Eve Restaurant Website Design


ambrose and eve




website design & development

about the project

Ambrose and Eve is a fine dining restaurant on the South side of Columbus, Ohio. The restaurant was named after Chef Catie’s Grandparents. Chef Catie Randazzo and Chef Matt Heagans wanted it to feel like it was a family dinner happening every night. Flat Black Commercial Visuals designed the Brand Identity and Interior. Therefore, I had a great foundation to start the restaurant website design. They wanted a website that was warm, elegant, vintage, but relaxed and comfortable.

reference and inspiration

The main inspiration for the design of the website was the restaurant interior design.

Many fabulous wallpapers (some hand-painted) and vintage touches were sprinkled throughout. As a result, it felt like you’re at Grandma’s house.


A wireframe makes sure all the info and functionality is represented before we moved into the design stage.

final design

The Menu and Events Calendar were going to be updated frequently. Therefore, those sections were built in order for them to be easily edited by their team.

Several elements were used in the website design to tie together the online and the in-person experiences. For example, the wallpaper from the interior served a backgrounds for the different sections of the website.

The website was built to be responsive in order to accommodate different screen sizes as well as be mobile friendly.

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