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Eugene's Canteen Cocktails


Eugene's Canteen




interior design
digital marketing

about the project

I had the incredible opportunity to design and build a bar with my husband (then fiance), Justin. He had been in the storefront for 9 years as another concept and was ready to recreate the space into something new, and he wanted to name it after his Grandfather. Eugene was a WWII veteran and a huge influence in Justin’s life, which lead him to join the Army himself.

We wanted to design a space with a mid-century feel and a hint of Military. Eugene’s Canteen also features local popup kitchens, local beers & spirits, billiards, and a Wall of Heroes, where anyone can bring in a photo of themselves or a loved one in uniform to be displayed.

We wanted to create a military inspired neighborhood hangout.

moodboard, mockups, and manual labor

Eugene's Canteen moodboard and mockups

Tone & Keywords: Approachable, Simple, Industrial/rough, Structured, with a hint of Military

When I say we designed and built it, I mean it. Creating the new layout was the first challenge. We had to work around the plumbing and electrical already in place, luckily Justin knew the space like the back of his hand (from previous renovations). After many (many, many) iterations of the layout, we started the design of the back-bar area which serves as the focal point, then moved out from there. We tore out everything from the previous space except for the kitchen in the back, the built-in bench, and the ceiling fan.

Process photos of building Eugene's Canteen

brand family of logos

Eugene's Canteen Brand family of logos

The primary script logo was based off vintage bar neon signs. Because of the various locations the brand needed to be applied, the family of logos creates versatility and flexibility while keeping a cohesive look and feel.

Eugene's Canteen Menu

interior details

Eugene's Canteen Interior Design
Eugene's Canteen Interior Design
Eugene's Canteen Billiards
Eugene's Canteen Interior Design
Eugene's Canteen Interior Design
Eugene's Canteen Interior Design
Eugene's Canteen Interior Design


Eugene's Canteen Merchandise Design

social media & website

Eugenes Canteen website and social media

illustrations for digital marketing

Happy Hour Illustration
Bingo Propoganda Illustration
Open Pool Illustration
Mardi Gras Party Illustration
Bingo Typography
Crab Boil Illustration
instagram illustrations mockup on iphone


Photography for Eugene's Canteen
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