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Harvest of the Month Workbook


Harvest of the Month




branding design
poster design
workbook layout design

about the project

Harvest of the Month is a school program that is a part of the Illinois Farm to School Network. It’s mission is to bring better food knowledge to Illinois’ students. They do this by incorporating nutrition, local food procurement, and/or a school garden into the schools curriculum. We were able to provide Harvest of the Month with the Branding and illustrated visual tools to keep kids engaged and excited about good food.

*This project was completed under Amelia Street Studio, a Creative Agency I co-created along with my two sisters.


Harvest of the Month Moodboard

The moodboard gave a snapshot of the style direction we wanted to go in with the Branding and Illustration: earthy but kid-friendly. We gathered inspiration from other hand-drawn logos and brands.

The parent company had an already established logo. Therefore, we needed to be sure the new program logo felt like it was a part of the family.

Illinois Farm to School Network

sketches & digital exploration

A lot of sketching and digital exploration happens behind-the-scenes. As a result, we were reach a one-of-a-kind branding and illustration solution.

digital exploration of logo design

final logo design

Harvest of the Month Logo Design

vegetable illustrations

Custom illustrations for each vegetable-of-the-month were used in the workbook, on the calendar poster, and on the website.


A workbook for the students provided information about each vegetable-of-the-month along with recipes and other fun facts.


Harvest of the Month Poster Calendar design
Harvest of the Month Poster Design
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