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w*nder Branding Design Can Mockup




cbd beverage



about the project

W*nder is a CBD Beverage start-up focusing on sparkling beverages infused with the natural hemp extract. There are four “flavors” that are uniquely formulated to boost your energy, sustain your focus, then to relax and calm you so you can “W*nder All Day.” The Hemp icon works as an asterisk which is used as a replacement for either an “A” or an “O,” it’s up to the consumer’s interpretation.

Our aim is to speak to Generation X Women who are looking for an all-natural, plant-based wellness program.


The moodboard gives a snapshot of the style direction we wanted to go in. colorful but clean, simple but fun, modern and upmarket.

w*nder branding design moodboard

primary logo

W*nder logo

A variety of icons were explored before we reached the final version. Something a little more realistic yet simple enough to be an icon and work in the place of an asterisk.

icon sketches for w*nder branding design
w*nder branding design shorthand logo

additional branding assets

w*nder additional logo assets

The “w*nder meter” was created to visually cue the consumer as to the amount of CBD in the beverage and what part of the day to best drink it.

w*nder meter info

The color pallet and background textures were inspired by the sky and all its colors throughout the day.

w*nder logo on full color pallet
w*nder business card design

temporary label mockup

w*nder can packaging
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