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mockup of The Lamp cover illustration


The Lamp Magazine





about the project

The Lamp is Delta Zeta Sorority’s quarterly magazine distributed to its members. For this issue, the feature story was about one of its members who survived a Japanese Internment Camp in WWII. The few reference photos available were not high resolution enough to be a cover photo, so illustration provided a desirable alternative.

In collaboration with Tria Designs

Winner of FCA Single Page Design, First Place, 2020

reference photos

Reference photos for The Lamp Illustration

Illustration offers a work-around in the absence of high-res photography.

rough sketch


Mockup given by Tria Designs to provide some art direction.

The first step in the process is presenting a rough sketch that gives an idea of composition and color scheme.

rough sketch of cover art

first draft

illustration first draft

The next step is illustrating a more detailed version. After receiving feedback that this one felt too heavy, I removed some crosshatching and lightened some colors.

final illustration

final illustration
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